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- Kellie E.

  I am passionate interior designer who takes pride in my craft . As a full time law enforcement officer I have always had the desire for change not just on the streets of Baltimore but also in my personal life. I have always changed my home decor quite often and I  would assist friends and family in recreating spaces in their homes as well . My daughter Jae’da (owner) of Lash N Out beauty bar pushed and encouraged me to start a business in interior design while maintaining my full time career Oct 2017. I  believed in myself as well and with the help of Jae’da we named the business Kellie In The House. My son Eric also played a big part in making Kellie in the House so great from the beginning. Besides designing and decorating I had an all around passion for fulfilling several domestic services that would go hand and hand to complete a perfect space which includes cleaning, decluttering, organizing, painting, and cooking. With the help of my side partners at work we came up with the slogan, “All The Comforts of Home.” Kellie In The House has brought me closer to my family and my clients have become family as well . Kellie in the house has changed lives one room at a time . 

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